Query to Get Profile Values From Oracle Backend

SELECT fpos.profile_option_name ,
fpots.user_profile_option_name ,
DECODE (fpovs.level_id,
10001, ‘Site’,
10002, ‘Application’,
10003, ‘Responsibility’,
10004, ‘User ‘,
10005, ‘Server’,
10006, ‘OU’,
DECODE (TO_CHAR (fpovs.level_id),
‘10001’, ‘None’,
‘10002’, fa.application_short_name,
‘10003’, frt.responsibility_name,
‘10004’, fu.user_name,
‘10005’, fn.node_name,
‘10006’, hou.name,
FROM fnd_profile_options fpos,
fnd_profile_option_values fpovs,
fnd_profile_options_tl fpots,
fnd_user fu,
fnd_application fa,
fnd_responsibility_tl frt,
fnd_nodes fn,
hr_operating_units hou
WHERE fpots.profile_option_name = ‘<Enter Your Profile Option Name here>’
AND fpos.profile_option_id = fpovs.profile_option_id(+)
AND fpos.profile_option_name = fpots.profile_option_name
AND fu.user_id(+) = fpovs.level_value
AND frt.application_id(+) = fpovs.level_value_application_id
AND frt.responsibility_id(+) = fpovs.level_value
AND frt.language(+) = ‘US’
AND fa.application_id(+) = fpovs.level_value
AND fn.node_id(+) = fpovs.level_value
AND hou.organization_id(+) = fpovs.level_value
AND fpots.language = ‘US’


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