OutOfMemory Error with XML Publisher Reports

We see this error (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError) generally when there is a huge data to process for OPP.

There are multiple options to resolve this error.

  1. Increased profile option value Concurrent:OPP Process Timeout to a higher value.   If increasing the profile option value doesn’t work do the following
  2.  Increase OPP memory size from default  to 2 GB

Use the below query to find out the size. if it is less than 2GB , increase the value to 2GB.

SELECT developer_parameters

  FROM fnd_cp_services s, fnd_concurrent_queues q

WHERE q.concurrent_queue_name = ‘FNDCPOPP’ and s.service_id = q.manager_type

Change the value to ‘J:oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsf.GSMServiceController:-mx2048m


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